We were just about to miss the flight

During the latter part of the COVID-19 pandemic, a friend and I were on our way to Portugal for work. We had booked the last flight of the day and were scheduled to meet our business partners in Lisbon, and we had our COVID passes ready and validated for Portugal.


at the check-in desk, we were informed that our COVID passes would not be valid for our short layover of 30 minutes in Amsterdam. The rules stipulated that a COVID pass was valid for 48 hours in Portugal but only 24 hours in the Netherlands. This meant we would miss the time frame in the Netherlands by just 20 minutes. The situation became very stressful, to say the least. We had to make that flight.

I started talking to all the staff behind the check-in desks, scanning for assistance from the kindest person available, while my friend began contacting the temporary COVID lab at the airport, attempting to secure an immediate testing appointment. Amidst all this stress, my friend exclaimed, 'I need an energy drink!'

The idea was born

We reached an agreement with the staff: they would allow us to proceed, but we wouldn't be permitted to board unless our new test results came back negative before boarding. Standing at the gate, we anxiously refreshed our inboxes every ten seconds. We miraculously managed to catch the flight by a mere minute, thanks to a
fellow passenger who had a checked-in drone with lithium batteries, causing a just enough delay in the flight.

Yet, throughout this harrowing experience, one thing stayed with me - my friend's craving for an energy drink in that high-stress situation. It made me question why there were countless energy drinks on the market but nothing to calm you down and alleviate stress.

During our flight, we began discussing this concept, and the idea for Tranquilo was born. As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD later in life and had experienced my fair share of stress and anxiety, I knew how much I would personally benefit from such a product. We envisioned something practical, easily accessible, and effective to combat stress, whether it stemmed from tight deadlines, social events, or unexpected airport chaos. Stress has the power to steal a great deal of joy from our lives.

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